• Kevin Murphy

    It is a genuine pleasure for me to recommend a stellar employee and friend, Caleb L. Brewer. As Vice President of Information Systems, I've directly supervised Caleb over the past three years. As one of the two systems administrators, Caleb helped form the heart of our IS department. A bright and capable individual, his hard work and dedication to excellence provided a source of pride upon which I often commented to colleagues in the industry. Caleb has proven himself time and again in almost any situation which an IT professional might encounter.

    Three years ago, I hired Caleb to fill our entry-level network administrator position. He was literally a diamond in the rough; raw potential and ability that needed some testing, direction, and encouragement. He maintained a high level of professionalism and possessed writing skills that immediately caught the notice of our senior staff. I quickly promoted him to the senior network position which came open within one month of his arrival.

    Caleb is a unique individual in that when you make suggestions on areas where he can improve; he takes those suggestions graciously and then applies them. While change doesn't happen over night I have watched him develop in the areas of professionalism and communication into the seasoned professional that he is today. In his last performance review, Caleb was rated amongst the top performers in the organization.

    While Caleb has a zest for life, I often had to tell him to go home as he's equally passionate about his work. Never one to shirk from a challenge, I could hand him any project and trust it would be completed successfully and on time. He was a go-to-guy in the Information Systems Department. On numerous occasions he has received the personal thanks or our CEO and EVP for jobs well done.

    While the list of Caleb's accomplishments is extensive, I will simply recap that he has been one of the smartest and most dedicated employees I've had the pleasure of working under me. It is with regret that I see him go to pursue the many consulting opportunities that someone with his unique skill set is positioned to take on. I was confident enough in his honesty, integrity, and consulting abilities that I vouched for Caleb to his first client, Zia Title, whose owners are personal acquaintances of mine. I wish him the best in pursuing his dreams of running a successful IT consulting company.

    Bright, dedicated and skilled, Caleb garners my unequivocal recommendation. He would be a great asset for any company as a consultant.

    Kevin Murphy , Vice president of Information Systems at NM Educators Federal Credit union
  • Reid Warner

    Our Computers have never run so well!

    When I called you to consider you taking over the management of our network, you first did an audit of our system. This helped me to identify: (a) short term, high priority issues that needed immediate attention; (b) mid-term priority issues to move the system to a healthier, more efficient operation; and (c) long-term priority issues upon that would place and keep the system on the most desirable footing for long term benefit.

    We now have a plan, our computers are running well, and we know what we will need in the future. I appreciate the way you work and how well you explain things to each of us. It is helpful knowing what the problem was, how it was fixed, and what the cost will be, in a timely fashion. Your system for problem analysis and problem solution really puts us at ease by documenting exactly for what we are paying.

    Bottom line–we don't have to keep calling you back for the same thing. You have taken a nagging weight off our shoulders. We have been the beneficiary of your expertise. I wish I had called you a couple of years ago! I would highly recommend you to work on any business's computer network, large or small. The references of current customers that I checked were completely correct. You are skilled, honest, and efficient. It is pleasure to work with you. Thanks again for your efforts. God Bless you in your business. We need more guys like you out there!

    Reid Warner, President/General Manager at Environment Control
  • John T. Sandager

    It is my pleasure to recommend the services of BrewerTek and Caleb Brewer. Caleb has been responsible for all our IT needs. He is extremely knowledgeable and proficient in his profession. His manner of service is so refreshing in that he is will to respond in a prompt a manner that is reasonable to expect. His knowledge base is extensive as he understands and is very qualified in both hardware and software services.

    I feel that his personal integrity is also of the highest order. He is trustworthy and reliable and I recommend him without reservation. Your welcome to contact me personally for any information.

    John T. Sandager, President at Zia Title
  • John Attwood

    I have had the pleasure of working with Caleb Brewer of Diakonos Technology Group over the last year. During this time period, Mr. Brewer has fulfilled all of our IT needs at Zia Trust, Inc.

    He is extremely knowledgeable. He works quickly to solve any hardware or software issues we present him. He exemplifies quality customer service. He demonstrates exceptional follow through and follow-up.

    Our company has been completely satisfied with his performance as our systems grow along with our business.

    I am recommending Diakonos Technology Group to several not-for-profits and other businesses in the area.

    John Attwood, Trust Officer and Marketing Manager at Zia Trust, Inc.