You may not need a large team of full-time IT staff, but you will still likely need on-going technical support to address day-to-day issues. DTG provides onsite or remote support on demand, when you need it, alleviating the need to hire full-time IT staff. This solution is perfect for small businesses, reducing overhead commitments while giving entrepreneurs peace of mind and access to highly skilled IT engineers.


Our proactive support option gives your business dedicated engineers who can expertly operate your technology at an enterprise level. We’ll keep IT running smoothly, anticipate needs, and perform work proactively. Don’t wait for an emergency; let DTG solve problems before they arise. Our approach will optimize the performance of your infrastructure and stabilize your IT budget. 

Contract Options: 

  • Block Hour – Discounted service rates are available in one-time or monthly recurring purchases. Blocks are sized proportionately to your organization, with unused time rolling over to help even out any large expenditures, so that IT problems do not impact your budget and your business when you least expect it.
  • Flat Rate – Provide financial stability, build trust, reduce stress and imbue confidence in your staff. DTG engineers will do the work that needs to be done, when it needs to be done, freeing you to run your business. 
Escalation Support

Many clients already have internal IT staff. DTG’s escalation support boosts the capabilities and depth of your in-house IT or provides additional backup. Our intelligent client portal allows tickets to be sent first to your in-house staff and then escalated to DTG engineers on-demand or automatically with an out-of-office setting. This option gives your internal IT team more options when the going gets tough or simply when they are on vacation. 

Additionally, DTG provides special project support. Leverage our engineering team’s expertise in large, complex projects. We can augment existing in-house IT staff, or take on the entire project from start to finish. Our systematic approach to research, planning, implementation, and analysis delivers your projects on time and within the established budget.

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