Backup & Disaster Recovery

We at DTG know that you and your business can’t wait when networks go down because of local or regional disasters, or even user error. When disaster strikes, we virtualize your infrastructure and have servers running within minutes so your business continues while failed systems are replaced. With our backup and disaster recovery service, offsite backups are created automatically across the Internet to secure colocation facilities, eliminating obsolete tape and disk drives prone to failure or user error. We will also test and verify backups in a secure, virtual environment to ensure they behave as intended. You can count on us to get your business back up and running when you need it most.

Business Connectivity (Exchange + Sharepoint, VOIP, Remote Access)

Technology continues to change the way the world does business. It especially has changed the way we connect with one another, creating more opportunities to work closely from any location. DTG offers state-of-the-art business connectivity options, including Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint, Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones and remote access. 

We make it easier than ever to share files, collaborate on projects and stay connected from afar. Our services are built on next-generation messaging and portal solutions. Combined security services and generous quotas provide you with a powerful, scalable and reliable alternative to on–premise servers. Our VoIP product offers an affordable, reliable alternative to complicated in-house phone systems at each location. With DTG’s remote access solutions, you control when and what is available to your mobile employees. You choose how much access to grant and can even customize options, such as remote printing and file transfer. DTG knows that we don’t live in a 9-to-5 world anymore, and we offer you and your team the flexibility to work on your schedule.


Hosted Security

DTG knows businesses need dependable, manageable security. That’s why we work to keep you safe from all digital threats.

spam-long2Antispam – Our system filters out spam and viruses before they reach your network, guaranteeing safe, fast Internet connections and email. Route your outbound email through us and you will never need to worry about your business email being blacklisted.

continuity-longBusiness Continuity – Your business does not have to grind to a halt when your servers need work. We ensure your clients never know your email server is down due to maintenance or failure. In the unhappy event your server is unavailable, email is queued up and delivered as soon as service is restored. Your users will still be able to send and receive email via our web access portal during an outage.

encryption-longEncryption – Securely send confidential email based on rules you control. DTG makes it easier than ever to ensure that your email content is secure. We offer you the ability to use industry standard compliance-based policies to force encryption or manually encrypt email “on the fly” by placing a trigger word in the subject or body. For example, simply typing “encrypt” in the subject line of your email guarantees it is sent securely.

websharing-longSecure Web File Sharing – Even small operations do big business. That’s why DTG offers you the ability to share files of any size through our secure portal. Our portal allows you to customize the recipient email address list, specify a password, expiration date, and whether you would like to be notified of a successful download. We help you share your business’ biggest news and eliminate bounced emails due to file size. DTG’s portal is a secure alternative to Internet FTP solutions, with guaranteed, local and available help.

archiving-longCompliance Archiving – DTG offers convenient, secure archive availability. With our compliance archiving service, you get the ability to search your email and recover to multiple formats as necessary. Expandable SAS 70 Type II-compliant archiving is available starting with 30-day rolling storage and can be increased to hold your email indefinitely. We know that keeping your records available and searchable matters, and you can trust that your history is safe with DTG archiving.


Total Care

With DTG’s Total Care solution, we deliver state-of-the-art monitoring, maintenance and optimization for your home or business. This system offers secure, reliable service so that you are guaranteed the most up-to-date software available. We also monitor the software for security patches and updates, which can be applied on individual systems or across an entire site. This extra level of security ensures that your network is operating the safest software available.