Hardware & Software

shutterstock_73029769Not all businesses have the same needs. What software works for one might not be best for another. That’s why DTG develops strategic vendor partnerships to meet your unique needs, seeking out great deals with trusted partners. Our vendor agnostic approach means that we’ll select the solution that fits best to your environment using industry standard research and analysis methodology. We will never pitch a product or solution just because it is of a particular brand or manufacturer. And, because our philosophy includes a commitment to your financial health, DTG passes on our partnership discounts with little to no markup.

Site Assessment

ChecklistOften, our clients are seeking our help to make sure their equipment and network is as reliable and safe as possible. DTG performs thorough site assessments, analyzing your environment’s infrastructure and security to gain the holistic view necessary to help you make informed, strategic decisions. This analysis will help you regain control of your systems, secure breaches in security before they are exploited, and replace aging equipment before it fails. DTG’s systematic, proactive approach begins with gathering accurate and timely information so that we can discern how to help you protect your business and your investment.

Strategic Planning

strategic-planningTechnology allows you to maintain your competitive advantage, proactively manage your organization, ensure business continuity and maximize your return on investment. IT requires the same expertise, forethought and high-level planning the rest of your business receives. DTG can help you plan your business’ growth and sustainability. Our certified engineers can meet with you on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis to ensure IT aligns with your organization’s vision and mission.


pushing Training  button on a touch screen interfaceBusiness owners typically invest large amounts of capital in their hardware and software infrastructure, but investing in employees is just as important. A well-trained staff can save business owners time, hassle and money. That’s why DTG offers customized IT training for your staff, which can result in increases in proficiency, morale and productivity. At DTG, we have the expertise to help you get the most out of your investments, including your biggest asset: your employees.

Vendor Management

VM_logoDTG has the capability, expertise and resources to be your sole provider for all things IT, eliminating the stress of dealing with multiple vendors. In the event you require a service we do not specialize in, we will work with our extensive network of partners to find the best solution and guarantee your satisfaction. DTG’s vendor management consulting service offers you insider expertise and connections. In short: We do the vetting process for you. We appreciate your trust, and so we only work with vendors who are experts in their field and who meet industry standards.

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